Work Placements

Work experience is a great way to gain an invaluable insight into your chosen career, to find out if this job is really for you. It will help to improve your communication skills, build your C.V. and of course, help you to meet likeminded people! Work experience will make you ready for the world of work.

Finding the right placement can be tricky, but if it is planned in advance, taking into account the distance you will have to travel and the type of company you want to work for will have a major impact on your experience, therefore it is very important to get it right from the start!

Work experience must be related to your course and the industry you want to work in, if you are a budding Florist you may want to approach a garden centre or wholesalers. For an Arboriculturalist you could contact a suppliers of equipment or the Forestry Commission. The list of possibilities are endless, it’s up to you to find the one that fits you best!

Wherever you decide to go, your work experience should be meaningful and with a purpose, so working on a till in your local shop doesn’t count! Instead you will gain so much more if you are able to help out on the local farm and work with the livestock if you want a career working with animals, farm animals need looking after too!

Don’t underestimate yourself or your ability, you will have personal skills to offer the right organisation. Take the time to write down the things you are good at and the things you enjoy doing. Perhaps you are good with your hands or you might like caring for others who need help.  The one thing to remember is this is your work experience and it has to be right for you!

There are a great range of benefits to work experience, you will be working alongside people who have been in the job for years and they will be able to pass knowledge on to you. Work experience builds self-esteem, makes you a valued person in the community.

At Easton & Otley College, we expect you to have your work experience placement in place before you start your course, so you are ready at the start of the year. (N.B. you cannot count any hours until you have enrolled on your course). This will ensure you have enough time during the academic year to fit your hours in.

There are lots of ways to search for placements; contact your local councils, look on job sites such as Jobs 24, Total Jobs, Reed and look at the chamber of commerce for credible employers. When you use a search engine, try to use different words in your search. I.e. instead of sports shops try leisure shops etc. you can also use specialist recruitment websites such as 4xtra hands and JP Trett if you’re into Agriculture or Horse and Hound or Equine Elite if you’re into Horses. Don’t forget you can also ask family and friends, if they have a business that’s related to your course and are willing to let you help, then why not go to work for them?

Many employers are willing to support young people and offer work experience placements. These are advertised in college as well as the college’s Facebook and Twitter pages:

We offer lots of advice and guidance during group sessions or 1:1 guidance appointments, however this is your chance to take ownership of something really valuable and important to set you up for your future and help you to pass your course!

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