Statement Of Service

Mission Statement

The College is focused on growing careers and meeting industry’s needs.

To help students succeed and progress by giving the appropriate information, advice, guidance and support to meet the different needs of individual students

The right advice = the right course = the next step!

Easton & Otley College Strategic Aims:

  • Put STUDENTS at the heart of what we do
  • Have high expectations for the QUALITY of all we do
  • Plan for GROWTH to sustain all our activities and meet industry’s needs
  • Support our PEOPLE to get the best from them
  • Provide RESOURCES that support the best quality teaching and learning
  • Develop RELATIONSHIPS that build the skills base of all our stakeholders
  • Ensure long term financial VIABILITY

Student Services Strategy/Purpose

To advise and support students to ensure they achieve their qualification and progress successfully onto their next step by providing a high quality, multi-agency support service, including:

IAG Services

  • Providing impartial and accessible information, advice and guidance, careers guidance/progression, employability progression

Counselling, health and well-being

  • Responding to and supporting personal, social, emotional, physical and educational concerns
  • Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Providing a safe College environment

Our Service

Student Services at Easton & Otley College provides confidential, professional and impartial information, advice and guidance about a range of student issues and concerns including travel, accommodation, finance, UCAS, careers, progression opportunities, health and well-being.

The aim is to provide a polite, knowledgeable and welcoming service. To give students the confidence to make a choice and to inspire them to achieve their best.

On the occasion when the Student Services team is unable to meet the needs of the student, an appropriate signposting and referral service is offered, and Student Services work with a number of specialist agencies and organisations.

Having a presence in the community is important to Easton & Otley College and Student Services have established links with a number of schools, employers, children’s centres and professionals. 

Service Aims

  • We provide impartial, unbiased and non-judgemental information, advice
  • We are committed to ensuring the service we provide is accessible and suitable, and meets the needs of all the service users
  • We abide by the data protection act and treat student information as strictly confidential
  • It is our top priority to ensure students can work and learn in a safe environment
  • Student Services staff have the skills and knowledge to correctly meet the needs of the students and make appropriate and relevant referrals where necessary.

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