We know you want the best for your son or daughter. You want them to be happy, successful and to look forward to the future with confidence.

That’s great, because we do too. We want your child to love their time at Easton & Otley College; we want them to be excited, enthusiastic and engaged every day. Because happy students make successful students. 

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We can offer expert advice on transport, health and welfare, money, housing, job hunting and UCAS applications. It’s a free, friendly and 100% confidential service. Also on-hand are dedicated Success and Learner Mentors committed to helping students get the very most from their college experience.

We also understand that being expected to make your mind up at 15 or 16 is a tall order. Which is why we run Course Advice Days for prospective students throughout the year and Keep in Touch Days for those who’ve already applied, giving students a chance to meet tutors, experience taster lessons and participate in an informal interview.

For more details, or to attend a Course Advice Day please visit the event section on the homepage.

Can I continue to get child benefit?

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The parent or carer of any student under 18 can continue to receive child benefit whilst the student remains in full-time education.

What will students need to buy for their course?

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This varies, depending on the students chosen course. Some courses require students to have protective clothing, safety boots and/or a uniform (such as a sports kit). Students will often be involved in trips or residential visits during their course, and these often endure a cost. Writing materials (pens, papers, folders etc) will also be required for all courses. (Exact details of items required will be given at interview).

How much coursework/homework will my child have to do?

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This varies between courses, but all students will have to complete some homework. Assignments and coursework is designed to meet a number of criteria, and the level of input from the student will reflect on their grade. Students should plan ahead when coursework is given and spread their workload evenly.

Will I receive written reports on my son/daughter?


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For some courses written reports are provided to parents/carers on a regular basis, for others they are not. Verbal commmunication is often made between tutors and parents/carers, especially if a problem arises. Parents are advised to contact course tutors if they wish to receive an individual progress update on their child.

What do I do if I am concerned about my child's progress?


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Contact should be made to the child's course tutor in the first instance. Alternatively you can ask to speak to their course Programme Area Leader (PAL).

Do I need to inform the college if my son/daughter is going to be absent?


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If for any reason you cannot attend college, please text our new absence line on 07800 006679 stating your full name, student number and brief reason for absence before 8.30am.

If you would prefer to leave a voicemail message, please call the main reception at the relevant campus.

  • Easton Campus: 01603 731200
  • Otley Campus: 01473 785543

Will I be informed if my child misses classes?


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We do not insist that tutors inform parents about every absence, but if a student is absent for several days, or on a regular basis, parents/carers will be informed.

What do I do if I think my son/daughter is being bullied?


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Encourage your son/daughter to discuss the problem with you or their tutor, as the more details about the matter the better. If they are unwilling or you believe there is an issue please contact the Student Services Manager at either campus on 01603 731219/01473 784144. Emails can be sent to and bullying matters will be dealt with by the safeguarding officer. The college also has a counsellor who students can arrange to speak with on a variety of matters, including bullying.

What learning support is available to my child?


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One of the college's strengths is the support we offer to all students. Learner mentors and support staff offer a variety of different support tailored to suit individual needs. Support issues will be discussed at interview and an initial support plan devised.

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