Student President Welcome

23 year Becky Chenery is studying on a level three animal course at Easton and Otley College. Long term she wants to work in this (the animal) industry.

But for now, she is looking to make her mark by representing her views (and the views of her fellow students) to college bosses.

Ipswich based Becky, said, “It seemed like a bit of a challenge so I applied. I think quite a lot of people went for it so I feel lucky to have got the job. So far I’ve chaired student council meetings, sung at a Christmas Carol service and I feel lucky to have this role.

“My overall aim is to make the college a better place. So far we have managed to get charging lockers for phones, more laptops for students and we recently talked to the catering team to discuss future menus. I’m also in the early stages of organising the end of year celebrations.”

Becky is also planning charitable activities on behalf of Cancer Research, the RSPCA and Sport Relief and has taken a lot from the role - even though she has only recently taken on the job.

She continued, “Taking on this position has given me more confidence. Family, friends, tutors and my other half commented on this. It’s also helped with my communication skills. It is an honour from my point of view. It’s a big responsibility but it’s something I feel passionate about.

“The support from the college has been amazing and Easton and Otley has given me so much. I can’t say that enough. My future is now set. I am now on the right path. I came here, got into a routine, I’m working two jobs and studying, I’ve become student president and hopefully I will be getting my first house soon – I really can’t thank the college enough for helping this all come together.”

Student Services Manager at the Suffolk campus, Belinda Deacon, said, “We are delighted for Becky. She is already proving a real asset to the student services team. It’s really important from our point of view that our students’ voice is represented as much as possible – and Becky will play a large part in ensuring that this happens.

“In addition to the conferences and regular council meetings with staff, Becky will be talking to students across the campus to listen to their concerns and ideas and will be feeding those back to myself and the senior leadership team. She is very enthusiastic and we are delighted to have her as part of the team.”