Otley Campus

A self-contained campus located 9 miles outside Ipswich, Otley caters for a wide range of courses in a number of specialist buildings, many of which have been recently refitted and refurbished.  It’s a well-connected campus, with an extensive and ever-expanding network of direct bus routes linking Otley to all parts of Suffolk and Essex.

Jimmy's Farm received training from Otley HRH Princess Royal opened equine centre Form apprentice has taken on 25 aprentices


One of England’s oldest towns, Ipswich is within easy reach of the Otley Campus – just nine miles away. From the seventh century Ipswich has been focused around the quay. With a working port, Ipswich has seen its fair share of action including Romans,Vikings and even Ipswich Merchants being satirised by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1380. Thomas Wolsey was born in Ipswich in 1475 and Thomas Gainsborough lived and worked here.

From the Student President

23 year Becky Chenery is studying on a level three animal course at Easton and Otley College. Long term she wants to work in this (the animal) industry. But for now, she is looking to make her mark by representing her views (and the views of her fellow students) to college bosses. Ipswich based Becky, said, “It seemed like a bit of a challenge so I applied. I think quite a lot of people went for it so I feel lucky to have got the job. So far I’ve chaired student council meetings, sung at a Christmas Carol service and I feel lucky to have this role."

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