Student President Welcome

Here at the Easton campus, I study the BSc (Hons) Degree in Agriculture and work as the Student President, where I’m involved in fundraising, promoting and helping to enhance the college experience for everyone. The range of facilities and opportunities offered at Easton and Otley College are extensive and one of the main reasons I chose to study my degree here. In my spare time, I like to make the most of the gym or play tennis with friends, and it is great that we can all get involved with college events like the lambing weekend.

The campus is peaceful and scenic and although a countryside environment; (perfect for our hands on learning) it is a stone’s throw away from Norwich and the UEA, where we can make the most of their facilities and events too. This was another huge factor in choosing to study here, as the degrees are validated by the UEA, so we have some excellent links and opportunities to use their sports, social and learning facilities. In my time as Student President, I hope to develop further links in terms of clubs and societies - clay shooting for example.

I find it reassuring that it is so simple to communicate with tutors here at the college, unlike at larger institutions where you perhaps feel more of a number. I know that here, you are treated as an individual in terms of your academic needs and support. There is a real focus of working towards developing industry links and workplace experiences (the ultimate goal of our degree studies). This is supported by regular visits and trips to consolidate our learning and observe the industry first-hand, whilst we also make the most of the college farm, just as those on other courses do with the impressive animal care and equestrian facilities.

I believe Easton and Otley College encapsulates the idea of being an environment of classrooms without walls. This not only means we can learn in more dynamic and less conventional surroundings, but it also resonates with me as meaning there are no boundaries or limits to lifelong learning. Throughout our time here, we are being prepared and rounded into individuals who are well equipped to succeed.