School believes in Farmer Christmas

18 December 2017

Easton and Otley College helped a primary school celebrate Christmas this week by handing out gifts to youngsters during a festive celebration.

The link up was between Easton and Otley College and Witnesham Primary School.

To help get the school into the Christmas spirit, a member of staff from Easton and Otley (John Attridge) donned a Santa suit and arrived on a tractor in the guise of Farmer Christmas.

On arrival, he played to the crowd by handing out sweets to parents, students and teachers before posing for photos in the playground with the whole school, before going inside to his grotto.

This visit was part of an ongoing link with the Suffolk based educational establishment (Witnesham).

(Earlier in the year, students from the school came along to the college and renamed some newly born college lambs after famous celebrities. Names included Lady Baa Baa and Gary Barlow).

Mr Attridge - agricultural lecturer at the college, said, “The children were incredibly well behaved. It was a pleasure to do this. It would be great to think that we have perhaps inspired some of the children to get involved in farming one day.”

Headteacher, Mrs Hubbard-Whiteahed, said, “It (the visit of Farmer Christmas) is wonderful. This is the second year this has happened. We are grateful and it’s not only lovely for the children, it also it enhances our local links with the college. I definitely think we have some farmers of the future (at Witnesham).”

Parent, Mel Utteridge, said, “I have two daughters at the school and they were very excited about seeing Farmer Christmas. It’s great that the college supports us in this way.”

During the visit, every child in the school received a present in the form of a book that was supplied by the Witnesham School Association.

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