The College Welcomes Ray Cameron-Goodman to the Position of Deputy Principal

26 July 2017

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully recruited to the position of Deputy Principal (Curriculum and Quality).

Ray Cameron-Goodman is currently employed at City College Norwich and will be officially joining us on 1st September, but I expect Ray to be dipping  in on a number of days during July and August to meet colleagues and get up to speed.  I asked Ray this morning to give me a short introduction that I could share with you all and he says this:

“With the exception of my grandmother, who was a teacher, my mother’s family have been fishermen, dairy farmers, draymen and lifeboatmen as far back as I can trace. Having grown up in that environment, she was determined I would have other choices and worked hard to provide those for me. I was supposed to go to university, read Law and find myself working in a nice warm office, in a city a long way from the sea and the farm. But, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...

I’m not sure what she’d think, if she were here to see that I'd become a teacher, moved to my great-great-grandfather’s farm, bought an old fishing boat, kept horses and now crew on my local lifeboat. I like to think these have all been intelligent, considered, choices - but perhaps some genetic predetermination is at work! Whilst I’ve certainly not chosen the easiest paths, they have always been the right ones and they have led me to a place where I consider myself very lucky.

Home is the beautiful Suffolk coast, in the village of Walberswick, with my partner and our elderly labrador. It’s a thriving and growing community; with lots of people in recent years choosing to move back and raise their kids here. This has had a tremendous impact on our village, and means the lights are on all year, not just through the holiday season.

Living in Suffolk and working in Norfolk means I have always been able to enjoy the huge diversity of our rural, coastal and urban environments. I’m rooted here and wholly committed to ensuring the young people in the communities we represent are equipped with the skills they need to make good choices, so this unique part of the country continues to thrive.

Unquestionably this is a challenging time for the rural industries and the FE landscape, however, neither of these are new phenomena, which is why I am excited to be joining the team at Easton and Otley college this summer. Some people are lucky enough to find their vocation, I have been lucky enough to find an environment where everything I am passionate about, all my training and previous experience will be bound together.

I am looking forward to working with you; to growing the highest quality provision, propagating talent and cultivating the skills our region needs to secure the future of our rural industries.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.



I am looking forward to working with Ray and I believe that he will provide great leadership for all our curriculum disciplines, drawing on his experience of working in a fast-paced and high performing local institution and bringing his expertise of rapid quality improvement.

David Henley

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