Norfolk Fire and Rescue participated in training at Easton & Otley College

14 February 2018

Trainee firefighters learned how to deal with animal emergencies by getting to grips with the cattle, horses, pigs and sheep at a Norfolk agricultural college.

Eleven new employees from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service carried out the training course at Easton and Otley College’s campus outside Norwich, which equipped them with the experience and techniques to handle livestock during a farming or equine crisis.

Crew manager Gary Davison said: “As part of our 12-week full-time recruit course we expose the trainee firefighters to a variety of animals.

“During this course they are taught to read animals’ behaviour, react to it and capture when necessary.

“It was great for our recruits to learn these skills that will help them in real-life situations. The sessions were very informative and they will help everyone in their future careers.”

Anneka Strickland, the short course co-ordinator at the college, added: “The fire service is very much part of the fabric and lifeblood of our community so it’s always a pleasure to work with its staff.

“In terms of the course, they get to work with cattle, horses, pigs and sheep. They learn handling skills so that they are able to feel comfortable working with animals in rescue situations.

“The feedback we received was very positive and we are looking to host these courses again in Norfolk on an annual basis.”

This course is one of many industry and leisure courses run at both of Easton and Otley’s campuses based in Norfolk and Suffolk. Other options include dog massage, garden design, conservation and construction.

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