Freshers’ Fair ‘has everything from gyms to pig farming’

11 September 2017

Easton and Otley College welcomed students back to their Norfolk campus this week.

The induction programme included tours and a freshers’ fair that was attended by external companies.

Whilst many students returned, others were staring a course at one of the UK’s largest land-based colleges for the first time.

They included students like 16 year old Ellie-Louise Richardson is from Dunstable in Bedfordshire. She said, “I have two career paths and either want to be a make-up artist or a zookeeper. This was the best college to suit me in terms of my animal career aspirations. The college is big, it’s different and the teachers are friendly. The vibe I’m getting is good and positive.”

16 year old Beth Bryant is from Ellingham. She said, “I came here last year, I love animals. Everyone has been helpful. The fair had everything from gyms to pig farming. It was great.”

16 year old Eden Dugdale from Dereham, said, “I love working with animals. Here we get to work with hedgehogs, lizards, spiders – all sorts.”

16 year old Chloe Jell from Bawdswell, said, “At first I was nervous as I didn’t know anyone here but I’ve soon made friends.”

Companies who gave up their time to attend the fair included charities, driving schools, Hollywood Bowl, local farms, Norfolk Young Farmers, the University of East Anglia and the YMCA.

Another company who attended was 24/7 Fitness. Jack Smith works at the gym in Norwich. He said, “We came along to promote our company. I nearly studied here back in the day but I come here a lot and play football. Sport is massive at the college. I know people who work here and compared to everywhere else it (the college) seems at a different level.”

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