Equine Students Practice Their Polo

18 February 2019

Our Level 3 Equine students practiced their polo skills at our Easton campus with a professional polo coach.

A few weeks ago our Level 3 students welcomed Byron Human to the Equine Centre. Byron introduced the class to the sport of polo by running a morning full of lessons and small games, followed by a small theory session covering the rules and regulations involved in a game.

Our students began the morning by introducing the horses to the equipment involved in polo, such as the polo mallets and balls. All but one horse gladly accepted the new additions. Then began the practice sessions, which saw our students gaining new skills very quickly. They were taught about technique and posture, whilst practicing riding one handed and attempting to follow the ball at the same time.

The Level 3s picked this up brilliantly and were keen to know more about the sport, such as how long it takes to train a polo pony and how long they play in a professional game for.

Together with their new skills and knowledge, we hope to see more polo games from our equine students soon.

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