Congratulations to Poppy Whiting

25 January 2017

Poppy Whiting has achieved a C grade in her Maths GCSE having tried twice a year since the age of 16. The Framlingham resident is currently on a level three animal management course and hopes that passing this qualification will help her with her upcoming university applications.

How many times did you have to take the exam?

“I’ve taken the exam so many times. The first time I took it I managed to get an E. Then I just seemed to get stuck on a D. I was determined to eventually pass and felt very motivated to keep going until I did.”

Tell us what made the difference in helping you pass this exam?

“I would say the help I received from the teachers at the college has made the difference. In high school they just let you get on with it – but at Easton and Otley College – the tutors really go the extra mile to support you. We have a Maths and English hub and Darren Dawson has really helped a lot. If I didn’t understand something in the lesson, I could go to him and he would talk it through with me until I understood.”

How did you feel when you finally passed the exam?

“When I had found out that I had finally passed, I was so pleased and felt a bit of pride and lots of relief.”

Is it important to your future career?

“In terms of my future, this is important. The day after I got my exam results (for Maths) was the day I had to put in my UCAS application in and it really helped having that C.”

What advice to others would you give in terms of trying to pass the exam?

“In terms of advice to others in a similar position to me, I’d say, never give up – you have to believe that you can do it and eventually you will.”

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