Annual Prize Evening Celebrations 2017

13 July 2017

Congratulations to all students who completed their course this year with us, and a special mention to all of our prize winners. Click on the links below to view the photos from the two evenings celebrations.

Otley Campus Prize Evening

Annual Presentation of Prizes and Certificates - Monday 10th July 2017

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Easton Campus Prize Evening

Annual Presentation of Prizes and Certificates - Wednesday 12th July 2017

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Otley Foundation Learning – Most Inspiring Group Project

Part of this group’s conservation unit was to identify 'how we could encourage British Wildlife to an area'. Many ideas were discussed and put forward and the top group vote was to build a Bug Hotel. Materials were sourced from departments within the college and the bug hotel was born. The group worked extremely hard to develop this and it has been an invaluable project which has engaged many learners within the department alongside visitors too. 

Entry Level 2 Group for their Bug Hotel.

The Ashley Surtees Memorial Cup for Bricklaying

This student’s practical work has significantly improve during his level 3 programme; his planning and attention to detail and his considerable work ethic have allowed him not only to achieve the demanding standards at this level but complete far more complex jobs above that normally is expected. Additionally, his support for others, including staff, has been exemplary in their preparation and management of practical spaces.

Kieran Lonergan  - C Skills Diploma in Bricklaying

Best Student Construction

As a mature student, he has cut his full time work hours down to complete this course, and has passed all exams with a distinction and excelled on all practical tasks. He has gone above and beyond with other duties including mentoring other students and helping set up new tasks for other learners to promote the workshop moving forward.

Dean Richards - Level 2 Plumbing Studies

Best Student Equine

She is a conscientious, supportive and proactive member of her student group. She joined us this academic year and has gone above and beyond the level expected, and has worked hard to develop herself and her abilities always with a smile on her face.

Katherine McLeod - Level 2 Equine Care

Best Student Animal Studies

This student has been undertaking the course alongside three A-Levels that she has self-funded. She has been achieving distinction grades in her written assignments, scored the highest mark on the synoptic assignment and achieved a Distinction on the mandatory module exam. She achieved a Merit in her biology exam and is retaking to try to upgrade to distinction.

Honour Smith Level 3 Animal Management

Outstanding Achievement in Land based Studies - Schools

This student is an extremely pleasant young man who is always keen and eager in all the sessions, theory as well as practical. He showed initiative and supported his peers when necessary, and was always one of the last in the classroom cleaning up at the end of the day, always with a smile on his face. As a department we wish him all the best for the future.

Freddie Peacock - Schools Partnership Ipswich Taster

 Outstanding Achievement in Animal Care - Schools

This student is a very diligent young lady who completes every task to a high standard and regularly supports her peers with completing their work. She works to industry standard in practical and is an excellent team worker. She has been a pleasure to teach over the past two years and we wish her well with her future.

Emily Fryer - ABC Certificate in Practical Animal Care Skills Level 2 Yr 11

The Award for Endeavour in Construction - Schools

He has worked well all year and will always have a go and put in the effort. This hard work has made him student of the year for schools construction.

Alfie Burnett - Edexcel Certificate in Construction Level 1 Yr10

The Award for Endeavour in her Animal Care - Schools

This student is a very hard working and positive young lady who strives to complete each task set efficiently and to a high standard. She works well in practical both alone and as part of a team and has been a pleasure to teach. We wish her well in her future.

Holly Emerson - ABC Certificate in Practical Animal Care Skills Level 1 Yr 11

SAA Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement - Agriculture

This student does not come from a farming background, but is the type of person that we need to attract into the industry. The nature of agriculture for the 21st century means that we need a strategy for women, and she is a leader in this requirement too. As the only girl in a group of farmers boys she has had to deal with aspects of college life that are at best challenging and sometimes unacceptable, but she has done this with good grace and her confidence has evolved to allow her to develop into a person that will undoubtedly be successful in whatever she chooses to do - I hope that it is in agriculture. She has thrown herself into the curriculum work with gusto, recently captaining the NIAB competition for a cereal plot and producing exemplary work, well presented, scientifically evidenced and on time.

Libby Bird - Level 3 Agriculture

James Stamper Agriculture Prize

In life it is a privilege to work with outstanding people, of which this student is. He is outstanding because he seeks excellence and aspires to do the best every time. Giving 100% is something most of us don't do...but he does.

Thomas Dane - Level 3 Agriculture

Arboriculture - The Woodland Heritage Trophy for Progress

Over the year this student has made huge progress in his practical skills and has become a very competent climber. He is always cheerful, helpful both to staff and fellow students and approaches tasks with a positive can do attitude. He has been a pleasure to teach and will be an asset to any company he works for in the future. 

Joseph Doggett - Level 2 Forestry and Arboriculture

The Notcutt Cup for Horticulture

He is very determined and hard-working and has made enormous progress through sheer determination to produce excellent quality work. He is always keen to learn new things and has an inquisitive mind, paying great attention to detail. This student has an excellent grasp of horticultural terminology and a wide understanding of plant variety. He often seems very serious, but his underlying sense of humour has kept staff and students entertained. Before he even completed his qualification with us, he had secured an apprenticeship and ventured into the world of work. The team congratulate him on all his achievements and wish him all the best for the future.

Leon Parker - Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Horticulture

The Reginald Bailey Memorial Cup for Horticulture

Over the year we have seen her flourish and increase in confidence. She is diligent and hard-working and willing to help her fellow class mates. This student has a strong artistic flair which she uses with great effect in all her work, and her contribution to the show garden at the 2017 Suffolk show was key in securing a gold award for garden design. She works very well with others and the team have enjoyed teaching her and seeing her grow.

Zoe Bullett - Level 2 Horticulture

Best Student Motor Vehicle

She was one of the first learners to complete her level 1 motor vehicle course in a timely fashion and has excelled with the quality of work she has produced. She was a delight to teach and was always wanting to learn more. Unfortunately, this student was unable to attend tonight, but please put your hands together to congratulate.

Felicity Tomkins - Level 1 Transport Maintenance

Best Student Public Services

This student has overcome substantive personal issues to complete his course to a distinction standard overall. He has acted as his course representative throughout the year and is planning on progressing onto Level 3 Public Services at Otley. 

Bart Wakefield-Schwehr - Level 2 Uniformed Public Services

The Student Choice Award

He has been chosen by our student president to recognise his commitment to making the college a better environment to his fellow peers. He has attended all of the Student Council meetings held at college and represented his department’s views in a diplomatic and dedicated fashion.

Bart Wakefield-Schewhr - Level 2 Uniformed Public Services

The Student Cup 1961

In her role as Student President she has gone above and beyond what is expected, and has worked tirelessly to seek and action the ideas of her fellow students to enrich their college experience. She has put an incredible effort into organising a very successful end of year celebration.

Becky Chenery - Level 3 Animal Management

Kerseys Salver for Effort

This award is for the student who has exceeded initial expectations and shown evidence of significant effort to overcome barriers. Our prize winner has shown extremely high levels of attendance and punctuality, and a thirst for knowledge, all this combined with an ever present smile on his face. We were delighted to see him secure an apprenticeship with a local firm maintaining heavy goods vehicles.

Tim Mowles - Level 1 Transport Maintenance

Sally Pearson Rose Bowl Prize

Awarded to a distinction student who has shown significant contribution to college life. This student joined on a level 3 programme in 2015, and despite personal challenges her determination to succeed has meant she completed the course with a distinction star and has been offered a place at university studying Equine Performance and Business Management.

Maria Wade - Level 3 Equine Management

Otley Student of the Year

She is an enthusiastic, self-motivated and positive young lady, always willing to help others. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to her studies and has looked for every opportunity to develop her skills throughout her time at college. She has been a pleasure to teach.

Katherine McLeod - Level 2 Equine Care


Herbert Graves Book Prize for Best Academic Student Agriculture

This student has consistently completed work to a very high standard and achieved a D*D*D*. Despite being a quiet student who is not from a farming background, whilst at college he gained employment on the college farm and has grown in confidence both practically and academically. His work ethic has been highly praised by the farm manager and his attendance is outstanding at 100%; he can be relied on to be the first in the classroom. This student has exceeded his national target grade and completed all units over the two years to distinction.

Thomas Applegate - Level 3 Agriculture

The Worshipful Company of Farmers Prize for Best Overall Student in Agriculture

This student has been exceptional within the classroom, in residence and as farm bank staff. His course work is always at a very high standard, and he has completed all units to distinction, exceeding his national target grade by 200 points resulting in a D*D*D* grade. This student has a mature attitude to college life making the most of every opportunity offered including attending The Norfolk Farming conference and exhibiting cattle and sheep at local agricultural shows. He is now progressing to study for a degree in Agriculture at Harper Adams University.

James Burman - Level 3 Agriculture

Royal Agricultural Society of England Student Prize

This student has a mature hardworking attitude to learning, and is always ready to help out other students. He enthusiastically takes part in all aspects of the course including showing the college stock at both the Suffolk and Royal Norfolk show, and was part of the stock judging team at Smithfield. He has exceeded his national target grade and achieved a D* ensuring his progression on to Level 3 in Agriculture.

Gareth Waite - Level 2 Agriculture

The East Anglian Agricultural Supply Industry Book Prize

He has been an excellent student consistently completing work to a high standard and ultimately exceeding his national target grade to achieve D*D*D*. This grade confirms his place on the Agricultural Farm Business Management BSc course at Harper Adams University.

Connor Newby - Level 3 Agriculture

Norwich Engineering Society Award for Best Progress

This student has been consistent in both practical and theory sessions. Through his efforts, his four year journey has landed him a really good job and hopefully set him up for the future.

Scott Parodi - Level 3 Engineering

Best Student - Animal Studies

She is a very pleasant and positive student who will achieve D / D* and has been accepted to do veterinary medicine at Bristol University. She has had some upheaval this term with her family moving to Lincolnshire meaning she has had to find alternative accommodation for the last few weeks meaning she had no access to the internet. She has completed every assignment and referral on time and has never asked for mitigation.

Saffron Medley - Level 3 Animal Management

Best Student - Equine Studies

This student has achieved mainly distinction for all her units this year. She has supported other students over the year and is a good role model to others. This student is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and polite students the team knows. No assignment was late and she finished in a timely fashion and has now got full time employment at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Gemma Waterman - Level 3 Equine Management

The Longwater Landscaping Award for Best Student Construction

This student has the best attendance over all construction departments and he is a model student by the way he demonstrates good behaviour, punctuality, professionalism and dedication.

He has consistently shown the desire to succeed and to learn at every opportunity by asking relevant and intellectual questions that have stretched and challenged his skills and abilities. He has stood on the pinnacle of his peers by his willingness to help others and place their needs before his own and to show high standards of practise.

This student will be very successful within the construction industry and will one day be rewarded for his hard work and effort. He is a credit to the carpentry and joinery department at the Easton Campus.

Daniel Brook - Level 2 Site Construction

Royal Navy Prize for Endeavour

This student has been awarded this for consistently high standards of performance throughout the year, completing the year with D*D* overall. He has shown a positive attitude at all times, and been set an outstanding example to his peers.

Theo Heginbotham - Level 3 Public Services

Best Sports Performer (Men)

This student has shown an excellent dedication to his studies and his athletic performance this year as part of the Level 3 Tennis Academy. He has had excellent attendance, his effort in lessons was always excellent, his level of academic work was always extremely high, and he is an excellent role model to other students. He has completed the course with distinction star and will be the first ever Sports student to progress onto Loughborough University to study in September 2017.

Samuel Crisp - Level 3 Sports Academy 

The 4Sports Award for Best Sports Performer (Women)

She has shown an excellent dedication to her studies and her athletic performance this year as part of the Level 3 Women's Football Academy. This student has an infectious attitude to both college and her football, always puts in maximal effort in lessons, and her level of academic work was always extremely high. She completed the course with distinction star.

Mary Croft - Level 3 Sports Academy

The Active Norfolk Award for Best Overall Contribution to a Sports Team

This student has been chosen for this award due to him being selected  to become part of the National England Colleges Football Association team, over the 2016-17 academic year. He competed in fixtures at St George’s Park, the National Football Centre, before competing in Rome where he was part of an 18-man team who played against Albania, Italy and Malta playing in all three games. A tremendous achievement, on top of achieving a grade of Distinction in Year 1 of the course.

Harry Whayman - Level 3 90 Credit Sports Academy

The Birds Sports Award for Sports Team of the Year

The golfers played in the AOc Sport Finals at Nottingham, playing the Morley Hayes Golf course representing the Eastern region. The three golfers won the gold medal match and Warren Bates finished second in the individual, missing out by one shot.

Sonny Williams, Warren Bates, Liam Cossey - Level 3 Sport Academy

Best Student - Foundation Learning

This student’s journey has been an exceptionally positive one to say the least, and he has overcome personal challenges and developed in confidence throughout the year. With close support from his father and care workers, he has settled in well and been able to achieve his full potential as an intelligent young man. There has been a hugely positive change in his attitude throughout the year, and he has shown real enthusiasm in lessons, joining in practical sessions such as tennis, horticulture and working on the farm, which at the beginning of the year he refused to participate in. In addition, his communication and self-awareness has come on leaps and bounds and he has made fantastic progress both academically and socially.

One of his final accomplishments was to help build a Pizza oven at Sarnia. He was involved in the process from the beginning, grafting regardless of the weather, to ensure the oven was ready for the grand opening. He was extremely proud of this achievement and so he should be. 

He has demonstrated how capable he is and now leaves Future Choices unrecognisable from the young man that arrived in September. He thoroughly deserves this award and we all wish him the best of luck as he progresses in to his second year in Foundation Learning.

Thomas Joseph - Future Choices

John Innes Trophy for Best Academic Student Horticulture

Despite some personal challenges, this student has been excellent from the start of her course. She has dedicated herself to achieving distinction in every assignment, and has shown commitment, creativity and determination to achieve her qualification. Not content with achieving a qualification just for herself, she helped others achieve theirs by mentoring and guiding them. A huge well done from all of us

Lucy Halms - Level 2 Horticulture

Norfolk Plant Heritage Award for Best Academic Student Horticulture

This student has quietly and steadily worked through his qualification, and for each and every unit ensured he produced his best work. He was quietly confident and supported by his fellow students, willingly sharing his knowledge especially of turf! This student is hoping to work as a green keeper which we are certain he will be excellent at.

Ben Simmonds - Level 3 Horticulture

The Flowervision Award for Best Student Floristry

She has been a floristry student for the past three years and has matured into a competent florist, developing her design skills to industry standard. Whilst in her work placements, this student has been able to develop her own style and gain confidence, and through college has worked hard at her assignments to exceed her target grades and achieve personal goals. She has been a pleasure to teach, with a gentle manner and a rather obscure sense of humour which never fails to keep us all happy. As a department we would like to wish her the very best in her future career in floristry.

Jodie Petch - Level 3 Floristry

Best Student - Countryside

This student started with little knowledge of the countryside but applied himself with enthusiasm and determination. He took the time to hone his identification skills and practical techniques. He initially was not predicted a particularly high grade but his efforts paid off with a D*D*D*. He is well like by his peers and is always willing to help others, and has just come returned from volunteering at a summer camp in America.

William Green - Level 3 Countryside Management

Best Student - Gamekeeping

This student chose the gamekeeping pathway as part of his career change plan, having originally worked in hospitality. Though he had an interest in shooting and particularly fishing when he came, he had a lot to learn about the ecology, legislation and practicalities of the industry. He applied himself from the outset and thoroughly researched his assignments before submitting to Distinction, without referral, every time. He now has a full time gamekeeping job on a prestigious estate in Scotland.

Reuben Hunter - Level 3 Gamekeeping

Best Student - Arboriculture

He has been an excellent student throughout the course submitting written work to a very high standard and completing practical assessments beyond the required standard even though the climbing and felling tasks have needed some extra practice. A model student and role model to the other students and predicted to get the triple distinction star.

Wayne Williams - Level 3 Arboriculture

Dereham and District Angling Club Award for Best Student - Fisheries

Despite a family bereavement, this student has shown great determination and motivation to achieve his qualification. He is now going on to do the Foundation Degree here at Easton and Otley in September

Daniel Spillings - Level 3 Fisheries

RNAA Silver Medal for Premier Student of the College

This is awarded to a distinction student who has made a significant contribution to the corporate life of the college. In spite of challenging personal circumstances, this student is progressing on to university and has consistently achieved high grades throughout her time one Level 2 and Level 3 Public Services. She was displays an exemplary attitude and works as a Student Ambassador, positively contributing to the wider college community.

Lisette Beya - Level 3 Public Services

Abi Woodruff Shepherds Crook Prize

This is awarded to a Land Based student who shows great promise of progressing within the Land Based Industry. This student has secured a job as a shepherd at Hollow Trees Farm, and throughout his time at college has always been a delightful student. He is always polite and enthusiastic and ready to help out of join in every opportunity, and will no doubt be very successful in his agricultural career.

William Pratt - Level 3 Agriculture

Caroline Fussey Trophy

This is awarded to the student who has most helped other students. This student has been of great support to other member of her group struggling with health issues.

Deanna Provis - Level 3 Animal Management

New Zealand Trophy for Achievement by at Ex-Student

Awarded to an ex-student who has achieved in their chosen career sector. This student worked for North Norfolk District Council at Holt Country Park as part of a team. He has now stepped into David Hobbs shoes taking the sole helm at Wheat Fen Ted Ellis Trust as Warden.

William Fitch - former National Diploma in Countryside Management

ISSA Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Full-Time Student

This student completed his course with Distinction Star, and is progressing onto the Crime, Terrorism and Global Security Degree at the College.

Jordan Elliot - Level 3 Public Services

Australia Trophy for Endeavour

Awarded to a student who has exceeded expectations and shown evidence of significant efforts to overcome barriers. Despite British sign language being his first language, this student has been offered an apprenticeship with Banham Poultry having completed his level 2 course.

Joe French - Level 2 Agriculture

Easton Campus Prize for Endeavour

This award is to a student who has exceeded initial expectations and has shown significant efforts to overcome barriers, and this year will be jointly awarded. Following a family bereavement in September 2015, our first prize winning student had a very challenging first year. In her second year she has shown real drive and determination and has been pushing herself to achieve a high grade and complete all work on time. She has shown a great deal of peer support this year, helping others to organise their workloads. She is an extremely pleasant student to teach and has really turned her college life around.

Our second prize winner suffered at the start of the course with three seizures a day, and ME due to anxiety and stress. She has now overcome the majority of these, and has completed her course to distinction and will be progressing on to level 3. She is a valued member of the class, making a positive contribution as a peer and role model.

Paige Killington - Level 3 Animal Management & Annabel Brown - Level 2 Floristry

John Bradley Prize to the Student who has Contributed Most to the Corporate Life of the College

This is awarded to a distinction student who has made significant contribution to several aspects of corporate college life. This student has regularly volunteered to help on taster days and open days, and has been the public point of call for reptile information.

Tobias Ruddock - Level 3 Animal Management

Lovewell Blake Prize for Outstanding Integrated Vocational Assignment

Awarded to a distinction student who has produced an outstanding industry related assignment or project. This student is punctual and conscientious and has achieved all her industry hours within the classroom. We wish her every success as she goes forward to starting her own business within a lifestyle and design shop in Wymondham.

Jo Chapman Wright - Level 3 Floristry

Canadian Trophy for Progress

This goes to a student who has shown clear evidence of achievement to improve their performance and attitude. This student is very focussed on his studies and has maintained a high standard throughout his time at the college. Historically, he has learnt to read and write just three years ago, demonstrating the distance he has travelled to achieve.

Reece Foster - Level 3 ABC Practical Animal Care

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