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    ‘It was emotional yet respectful’ says organiser of Easton & Otley College remembrance service

    The college paid their respects to the fallen during a ceremony of remembrance in Norfolk.

    The occasion took place at the Norfolk campus of Easton and Otley College where the college went silent at 11 am on 11 November 2019.

    The commemorations were organised by public services students.

    17 year old Callum Canwell from Attleborough was in charge of events. He said, “I led the parade in. We had a poem about Flanders and one of our tutors granddaughters wrote a tribute called The Tearful Truth that was read out. It was emotional yet respectful.”

    20 year old Jake Callender from Cromer was also involved in the parade. He said, “Two of my relatives were in World War I. Both came back, but one passed away soon after returning home. So, I thought about both of them. Some people have questioned whether or not young people care enough about this occasion – that’s why it’s important places like Easton fly the flag for remembrance.”

    Delon Commosioung is a lecturer who oversaw the service. Mr Commosioung spent 13 years serving for ‘Queen and Country’ including spells in Cyprus and Germany. He said, “I have lost mates in conflict and my grandfather was in the Merchant Navy in World War II, so I thought about all of this during our service. It’s important that we remember the sacrifices that have been made so that we can live the life that we live. It’s also important to think about not just British soldiers but also those from the Commonwealth and all of those who have been affected by conflict,” he added.

    Another student – 17 year old Cole Spurden from East Harling laid a wreath in the college’s garden of remembrance. He said, “It was an honour to do my bit.”