This building is used exclusively to support the teaching and training of students who will be seeking jobs in the animal management sector, the design has provided some outstanding animal housing and teaching resources.

What is not so evident is that this 800m2 building, representing an investment of £1,675,000 is also carbon positive in that it will generate more electricity from 45kw of PV panels than it consumes, it is heated by air source heat pumps and the hot water is generated from 5kw of solar collectors plus electric (PV) top up so burns no fossil fuel on site.

The building has individual room controls for heating and fresh air handling (extracted air has the heat recovered to preheat incoming fresh air) to allow each room to be its own climate, similarly, each room has timed lighting controls to allow us to set the length of time lighting is on to ensure ’day lengths’ are controlled in the winter months. 

The nocturnal room has standard white lights and separate blue light. The blue light is adjustable down to very low levels to mimic the light effect of a moonlit night allowing us to work with the animals on husbandry tasks in the morning and then switch to nighttime conditions in the afternoon to observe nocturnal behaviour during the teaching day. 

The central corridor has north lights and the south elevation has no windows which should limit the solar gain in the summer, removing the need for mechanical cooling in the building. All the rainwater from the roof is sent to 2 large holding tanks for use in the horticultural department replacing borehole water for plant irrigation.