Facilities at the Easton Campus are based on a 245 hectare estate which includes, arable, grassland, woodland and conservation areas.

The arable farmland is used to produce combinable crops and sugar beet where work is carried out in conjunction with Morley Farms. Trial work has been undertaken at the College by Natural England, EBLEX, Incrops and commercial bodies including soil management trials for Catchment Sensitive Farming, yield monitoring, novel crop development, oilseed rape establishment trials and varietal trials.

The livestock enterprises include 75 beef cattle, 300 ewes, 350 fattening pigs starting at 10kg to 105kgs, this includes a small herd of pedigree highland cattle and a demonstration poultry unit. Cows are fed on a TMR including home produced maize, grass and lucerne silage.

Engineering teaching is delivered using a fleet of the College’s own tractors and other farm machinery supplemented by loan equipment from local dealers. Dedicated workshop space is available for welding, power units and technology work with a new large machinery workshop added in 2011.

The estate includes high-value conservation areas with a county wildlife site on the river meadows which also supports the highland cattle fold. A variety of woodland is spread across the estate which is used for teaching on a range of courses. A small shoot is operated by the students across the farm.