Give it your best shot: If you love being out in all weathers, you might enjoy the life of a gamekeeper. This is very much hands-on, down-to-earth work but it still demands a detailed understanding of wildlife, game and the countryside.

We have 245 hectares of wildlife-rich farmland, woodland, hedgerows, ponds and water meadows to manage. This is an ideal environment for aspiring Gamekeepers to learn their trade. You’ll also discover rewarding employment opportunities with Wildlife Trusts, National Parks, councils, land agents and private estates.

Learn to conduct environmental surveys and monitor wildlife, including birds, mammals and reptiles. Work on our nationally important red squirrel and harvest mice conservation projects.

There are more than 5,000 full-time gamekeepers in the UK and at least 5,000 part-time. They help to manage around 7.3M hectares of public and private land. The environments they work in range from the wilds of the Scottish highlands to lowland estates in the Home Counties – and everything in between.

For those with the temperament and stamina to match, this course can be one of the most satisfying rural careers.

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Further Education

Level 3 - Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Land & Wildlife Management (Gamekeeping)

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