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    ​We offer degrees in a variety of areas from Agriculture to Crime, Terrorism & Global Security and are a partner college of the University of East Anglia.​

    Welcome to Higher Education at Easton and Otley College. We hope you find the information here useful and supportive to aid your decision process in deciding on a higher education programme; whether it is teacher training, sport, animal, equine, ecology, garden design or even zoology. Our College has offered Degree programmes validated by the UEA (top 1% of universities globally) since 2008.

    As a student of Higher Education, you will be expected to become a part of 'the science of your subject area', this is achieved naturally by exploring and interpreting the latest related information and research. HE students are also asked to integrate themselves into the wider HE community through taking part in 'extracurricular' activities, maybe those activities organised by our own Students' Union, if not the UEA’s.

    We’re #OfSRegistered. That means we meet the @officestudents requirements for course quality, academic standards, student support, student protection and more. For more information see

    We hope that you will find all the information you need on the website. Do not hesitate to get in contact with one of the team if you still have unanswered questions.

    Enrolment & Induction Information

    Enrolment and induction will both take place on one day within the week commencing the 9th September.

    Those who are currently holding a conditional offer will be written to after the 15th August.

    Details of induction and enrolment are in PDF below

    Term Dates 2019-2020

    Semester 1: 16th September 2019 – 13th December 2019

    Semester 2: 27th January 2020  – 8th May 2020 

    Semester 1: Assessment Weeks – 6th – 24th January 2020

    Semester 2: Assessment Weeks – 11th -  22nd May 2020

    Students Union

    Higher Education students have full access to our very own and newly formed Students' Union which encourages all students from all subject areas to take part in the wider student community.

    In addition to this, our students have full access to the University of East Anglia's SU: University of Easton Anglia's Students' Union. Again we encourage students to engage in the wider University community too.

    Active participation of students into our Union and also programme committees is very much encouraged. There are multiple opportunities throughout the academic year to get involved.

    During the Induction period, programme areas will nominate a programme representative

    Autumn Programme Committee Meeting to be attended by all programme representatives

    Winter Student Forum where all students are invited

    Spring Programme Committee Meeting to be attended by all programme representatives

    Summer Programme Committee Meeting to be attended by all programme representatives

    It is not only programme representatives who can get involved, all students are encouraged to support the EOC Students' Union, and they can do this by getting involved with clubs and societies. If there are no clubs or societies that suit, then feel free to set one up!

    For more information, please contact 01603 732378

    Access to HE

    Access to Higher Education diplomas provide an opportunity for adults without relevant UCAS points or qualifications to gain entry to Higher Education programmes. This intensive 1 year (or 2 years part-time) course provides you with a supportive and adult environment in which to study towards entry into higher education or to advance your career.

    Click here to view our Access to HE courses.

    View our Higher Education courses here.


    Yes, you can speak to the College Admissions Team on 08000 224556 who can provide general course choice advice and guidance or you can drop in to one of our Course Advice Days.

    Course Advice Days are normally held on Saturday morning's from 9am-12pm. They provide an excellent opportunity to speak to course tutors, find out more about the courses we offer, have a tour of the facilities and speak to Student Services about any non academic questions like transport or bursaries. Dates are advertised on our website. Course Advice Day

    We also have our campus open days, known as a 'Big Day Out' which take place in the summer term. Both campuses and facilities are available for you to explore, speak to tutors and students, watch demonstrations and have a go at activities. If you like what you see you can also make an application on the day. Details on the Big Day Out will be advertised on our website nearer the time

    For students resident in England and aged 18 and under on 31 August, before they are due to start their course in September, then your full time course fees are fully funded. For students aged 19 and over, and those looking to study a short course, please contact the College Admissions Team for more details on 08000 224556.

    Applications for accommodation usually open late Spring. For more information pleae see the following link; Student accommodation


    Once we receive your application for your course we will check your details and any grades/predicted grades to make sure that you meet any entry requirements. The College Admissions Team will then contact you to arrange your interview with a course tutor. If you are successful at your interview then you will be offered a place on your chosen course or if the tutor feels that you may be suited to another course they will advise you of this.

    We will then invite you to attend a Keep in Touch day held in early July where you can come on to campus, meet your tutors and other students hoping to study the same course, gain some campus familiarisation, learn more about your course, do some activities and ask any questions that you may have.

    Enrolment commences once GCSE results are released, you will be sent details regarding completing your enrolment in July, advising of a date and time.

    Once you have successfully completed your enrolment you will receive your timetable and confirmation of your course start date.

    You don't need to let the college know your GCSE results, instead you should attend your enrolment appointment, which will have been sent to you beforehand. Please bring all exam results with you so that we can make sure you have met the entry requirements for your course.

    Don't panic if you haven't got the grades for your chosen course, we will always try and find a suitable course for you. We will be able to offer you an alternative course in the same or similar subject area. We will do this when you attend for your enrolment where there will also be course tutors on hand to speak to you about your course options.

    If you have done better than predicted then we can also change your course offer to the most appropriate level. Again this is all done at enrolment.

    We strongly encourage all students to source their own work placement however we are aware that sometimes this can be difficult. We have work placement coordinators who can help you find your work placement and ensure that all students are able to fulfill this requirement. More information will be provided to you prior to you starting your course. Please see Work Placement for more information.

    The college term dates can found using the following link;

    College officially starts back on the first full week of September however not all courses will start on the Monday. You will advised of your actual start date at enrolment.

    Applications for the college bursary are made online. You should make sure that you read the guidance notes prior to making an application to ensure that you are eligible. Further information can be found on Financial Support

    The College Admissions Team will send out letters to all students aged 19 and over, on relevant courses, providing all the information needed from Easton & Otley College to enable you to make an online application with Student Finance England. These letters will be sent out during the summer term.

    To cancel your application pleae contact the College Admissions Team on 08000 224556 or use the contact us form on our website.

    Please contact the College Admissions Team on 08000 224556 who will be able to advise of any future interview dates and rebook your interview to a suitable date.