If you love working in the great outdoors, we have the courses for you. They’ll help you find a career path with employers like the Wildlife Trusts, National Parks and local councils. Explore topics from conservation and habitat management to wildlife surveying and environmental protection.

You may have read reports that we are ‘concreting over’ the UK. While rapid urbanisation is a concern for many, it is not the whole story. In fact, England remains a ‘green and pleasant land’ with 90% still countryside. That means you can enjoy an invigorating career if you are environmentally minded.

Our two courses will give you the skills; you just have to bring enthusiasm. You’ll learn about a range of topics including habitat management and the importance of biodiversity. As many of our courses, they offer valuable work experience through an apprenticeship option. We work with partners such as the local Wildlife Trusts, country parks and local authorities to find you interesting and worthwhile projects.

Countryside Management Courses


Further Education

Level 1 - Introductory Diploma in Land-based studies - Countryside & Conservation

Easton campus

Level 2 - Technical Certificate in Land & Wildlife Management

Easton campus

Level 3 - Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Land & Wildlife Management

Easton campus

Level 3 - Extended Diploma in Environmental Sustainability

Easton campus


Introduction to Beekeeping

Easton/Otley campus

Practical Beekeeping (5 week)

5 weeks Easton campus

Willow Basketry (8 weeks)

Otley/Easton campus
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