Uniformed Public Services

The armed and emergency services play a vital role in securing public safety. Jobs are plentiful, relatively secure, well paid – and life changing. Our training will give you transferable skills, such as leadership, communications and teamwork. We will build your confidence, resilience, reliability and adaptability.

We live in uncertain times. The world of international politics is changing. Alliances seem uncertain and risks appear to be increasing. The threat of war between states, and terrorism within them, affects us all. Policy makers need reliable intelligence to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes. The Government needs public servants who can administer the law fairly. The public needs to be able to rely on our emergency services to make the right call in times of crisis.

You can play your part in making the world a safer place. Our diplomas in uniformed public services will teach you about politics, the legal system, and international relations. You’ll learn how our military, our diplomats and our law enforcement agencies (including the intelligence services) operate. This will give you an understanding of how they try to reduce threats from organised crime, terrorists and rogue states.

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Key Facts about Uniformed Public Services

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