Sport, health and fitness is a fast growing £20bn industry. With 151,000 sports clubs across the UK, there’s plenty of opportunity for enthusiastic sport, health and wellbeing specialists. We’ll help you develop skills from training and physiotherapy to nutrition and sport psychology.

If you want to work in the sports and leisure industry, you’ll have to be on top of your game. That means getting the best qualifications and work experience you can. Many aspire to be fit for life. Yet we are facing an obesity crisis. People need more than iron to pump and machines to pound. They need the psychological support of experienced coaches.

That’s where our courses will give you the competitive edge. Our diplomas cover topics such as sports development, coaching, and fitness, as well as how to avoid injuries in training. You’ll learn about nutrition, anatomy and physiology – in other words, the science behind health and wellbeing. You’ll also discover why the mind plays such a major part in sporting success. You’ll study the psychology of winning and how best to work as a team. These are important skills in the world of sport and business.

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