Horticulture: Gardening and Landscape Design


Gardens, parks and estates across the UK desperately need gardeners. There’s particular demand for growers, landscapers and plant experts. Around 70% of horticulture businesses struggle to find skilled workers. Our technical and creative training can help you shape your career in this growing £9bn industry.

We have walled gardens, polytunnels, glasshouses and landscape construction facilities. You can choose amenity or commercial horticulture courses. Whatever your skill, we’ll nurture your success.

The world would be a poor place without plants. They feed us, keep us warm and dry, clean our air and provide us with a diverse, beautiful, green environment in which to live. Now is a great time to be part of one of the largest industries in the UK. Working with plants offers diverse and varied career opportunities, from designing and building new parks and landscapes, maintaining golf greens and football pitches, to developing new flower varieties and food crops. If you are interested in science and business, creative arts, technology, education and research, or the environment and nature, then a career in horticulture could be part of your future.

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Key Facts about Horticulture: Gardening and Landscape Design

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