Do you love designing and creating imaginative displays with plants and flowers? Would you like to see your work at parties, weddings, funerals, banquets and even state occasions? Then this thriving £2.2bn industry, with over 8,400 UK businesses and 25,000 employees, could be for you.

Here at Easton and Otley College, we like to encourage the entrepreneurial ambitions of our students. Our floristry courses in particular seem to be popular with people who want to start their own business. Recent success stories include: Katherine Hadingham who now runs Fig & Roses in Harleston, Anna Pickford who owns Ragged Robin Florist in Wymondham, and Nathalie Marshall who runs Flowers at the Forge in Horstead.

If you share their dream of running your own flower shop – or want to specialise in some other aspect of the fast growing floristry sector, look at our courses. These cover much more than just flower arranging, although that is certainly one aspect. We’ll encourage you to develop both your creative and your management skills, including choosing and caring for stock. Whether creating displays for weddings or funerals, you will need to build a rapport with your customers. You will help them choose the colours, shapes and textures of the plants for their event. You will also need to ensure all the flowers arrive on time, and are cut and cared for so they last.

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