Arboriculture: Forestry and Tree Care

Will you help to shape the future of forestry and arboriculture? Modern forestry and arboriculture practices involve far more than just growing trees for timber. There are numerous career options depending on your interests and goals, which range from managing large forests to managing trees for amenity and urban landscapes.

The Office of National Statistics values the forestry and timber products sector at over £8.5 billion and the industry employs over 22,000 people. Global demand for timber is set to triple by 2050. Our courses are designed to provide you with a wide range of specialist technical skills, and to equip you with detailed knowledge and understanding, enabling you to seek a diverse range of employment opportunities within the industry.

The level 2 qualification covers the skills you will need to progress to further learning and training, or to enter the world of work within the forestry and arboriculture industries. You will have the opportunity to gain real work specific skills and knowledge, and link your technical learning to the work experience section of the course. At level 3 you will be able to specialise further in either forestry or arboriculture. The level 3 course is a two-year qualification which exposes you to the whole industry, and the opportunities within it.

We also offer an intensive 10 week tree surgery course which will provide 19+ learners with all the necessary qualifications to enter the industry.

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Key Facts about Arboriculture: Forestry and Tree Care

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