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Easton & Otley College are one of the UK’s leading Land Based Colleges with a campus in Norfolk and a campus in Suffolk, offering a range of courses in Animal & Equine, Sports & Public Services, Construction & Engineering and Land Based curriculum courses which includes Horticulture, Agriculture and Countryside.

We are a fantastic organisation to be a part of - we have a diverse, dedicated and supportive team of over 500 members of staff in academic and support roles across both of our campuses.

Our rural campuses are surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and include farms, animal & equine centres and sporting facilities, providing a welcoming, pleasant, safe and friendly working environment.

Easton & Otley College employees can take advantage of many benefits such as family friendly policies, generous annual leave entitlement, Pension Schemes, NUS Extra student discount, free car parking and many more. Please see our full Employee Benefits list for further details and information.

Working at Easton & Otley College not only gives its employees the opportunity to inspire the lives of the next generation but it also provides them with the opportunity to make the most of their careers. Looking for an exciting career in the Further Education or Higher Education sector? Explore the vacancies currently available at Easton & Otley College.

The Working Environment – the countryside is your classroom

Easton and Otley College have outstanding campuses located in Norfolk and Suffolk. The rural settings which include farms and sporting facilities provide a very pleasant, safe, friendly and supportive working environment on beautiful campuses.

Pension Scheme

Support Staff are eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). Curriculum Staff are eligible to join the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

Staff will be auto-enrolled into these schemes if they meet the given criteria.

Guaranteed Pension Scheme for future financial security | Death in service grant | Spouse pension | Phased retirement options |

Holiday Entitlement

The College offers competitive annual leave to all staff. (All leave is pro-rata for part time posts.)

Support Staff: The annual leave entitlement is 33 working days inclusive of all bank holidays and the College pre-determined days (which are generally planned in across the winter closure). This rises to 38 days after five full years of continuous service.

Curriculum staff (Skills Tutors): Skills Tutors are entitled to 38 working days inclusive of all bank holidays and the College pre-determined days (which are generally planned in across the winter closure).

Curriculum staff (Lecturers, HE Module Leaders and Programme Leaders): Lecturers, HE Module Leaders and Programme Leaders are entitled to 50 working days inclusive of all bank holidays and the College pre-determined days (which are generally planned in across the winter closure).

Management: Managers are entitled to 43 days inclusive of all bank holidays and the College pre-determined days (which are generally planned in across the winter closure).

Staff Development and Support

The College is fully committed to supporting and developing all staff from induction through to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). CPD is a key feature of the appraisal process. In addition the College offers staff a discount of 25% on all College courses.


The College offers staff free use of gym facilities on both campuses. The Easton campus also offers staff access to Tennis courts. An enrichment programme for staff runs throughout the year and includes options such as Tai Chi and Yoga.

Catering Provision

The College has a number of outlets on site offering a range of hot and cold meals at very competitive prices. All staff are entitled to free tea and coffee.

Learning Resources Centre

The learning resources centres are available to use by all members of staff and have extensive stocks of specialist books as well as a section of reference books.


Free parking spaces are provided around the College Campuses.

Other Benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • •Occupational Health support
  • •Employee Assistance Programme
  • •Well-being strategy
  • •Family Friendly policies
  • •Free annual eye test vouchers (Specsavers)
  • •Cycle to Work Scheme
  • •Discounted DIY horse livery / kennels
  • •Winter (Christmas) close down (some staff are required to work over bank holidays)
  • •Student discount for staff through NUS Extra
  • •Corporate Gym Memberships at Barnham Broom, Anytime Fitness and Ufford Park
  • •Staff Membership at The Edge Health & Fitness Club
  • •Discount at local restaurants (such as Marlingford Bell Pub & Norwich Family Golf Centre Cafe)
  • •10% discount for in store purchases at Halfords
  • •Staff Consultation Group
  • •End of year celebrations
  • •Thank You scheme
  • •Long Service Awards scheme
  • •Key focus on Equality and Diversity – pray room / focus groups and committee
  • •Key focus on Safeguarding / Prevent agenda and Health & Safety – Focus groups & committees
  • •Branded PPE and College clothing

Your application form is a very important document because it will be used as the basis for short-listing and selection.

If you need to continue on a separate sheet(s), please attach it to the main part of the form, marked with your full name, the post you have applied for and the reference number.

Easton & Otley College may check any of the details you have provided. Giving incorrect information or deliberately concealing any relevant facts may result in disqualification from the selection process or, where the discovery is made after an appointment, in the termination of the contract of employment.

Clearly mark on your application the position you are applying for, the job reference number and return the form by the closing date shown. The job survey form must be returned at the same time.

Please ensure you have the correct postage to return your application form. Incorrect postage may delay receipt of your application and if received after the closing date, we may be unable to consider the application for shortlisting.


You must complete this section. Please indicate here if you are related to anyone who is employed by Easton & Otley, giving their full name and department.


Please give details about your current or most recent job and in the ‘Brief description of Duties’ box try to use examples that are most relevant to the role you are applying for. Under the section ‘date you could take up new employment’, please indicate how much notice, if any, you would need to give your current employer e.g. 4 weeks.

If there are gaps in your employment history, you should give a brief reason as to why these occurred.


In some instances certain qualifications will be essential for the job and such requirements will be shown in the Job Description & Person Specification. Use this section to show how you have kept your skills and knowledge up-to-date.


Let us know about the knowledge and/or skills gained from training courses attended which may be useful for the job you are applying for. This could include short courses, skills training and/or external awards. If you need a work permit to work in the UK, please state this here.


Please provide the details of 2 people who may be approached for a reference. Please provide contact details for your current/most recent employer, we will need to cover a minimum period of the last 3 full years. If you have not been employed, a referee related to unpaid employment such as voluntary or community work may be appropriate. School leavers and graduates may give names of Lecturers /Tutors/Head Teachers. Please ensure your referees are in a position to respond promptly as it is College Policy that one reference must be on file before employment can begin.


Please list all previous jobs and include any self-employment, temporary work or work experience. These should be listed in date order with a brief description of your responsibilities, starting with the most recent.


This is the most important part of the application stage and gives you the opportunity to explain why you are the best person for the job. Please list the headings shown in the Person specification on the job description e.g. problem solving - ability to identify potential problems/difficulties and find solutions to resolve them - and give specific examples of how you meet this criterion. It will not be sufficient to simply state ‘Yes I meet this criterion’ - you should clearly explain how your experience, knowledge, skills, and/or achievements demonstrate your abilities in the particular area.


Please note that all of posts at Easton & Otley College are subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service check (previously CRB), therefore, you must disclose all convictions (whether spent or unspent).

Find out more - Disclosure of Criminal Record


It is essential that you read and sign this section.


The electronic application form is identical to the paper version. The electronic version is available in Microsoft Word and will allow users to type into the tables on screen, or to print out and complete by hand. If you complete this form on screen, please save this form to your hard drive as, “Your Name-Post Number-Job Title.doc” before returning the form via email. Please use font ARIAL size 11, and ensure that each sheet is clearly headed with your name, post number and job title.

Please note if you return your form electronically and are shortlisted, you will be asked to sign the declaration at interview.

Completed application forms can be emailed to

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

All applicants are asked to complete an Equal Opportunities monitoring form. This information is strictly confidential and is for monitoring purposes only. It will not be seen by those involved in the selection process.

Analysis of the details provided enables Easton & Otley College to monitor the effectiveness of its equal opportunities policy. Please help by completing all parts of the form.

What does a typical day look like?

First things first, there is no such thing as a typical day in teaching.

On any day I teach up to 5 lessons based on the Uniformed Public Services course structure and deliver military based lesson to the Military Academy every Friday.

0700 On the drive in to work I tell myself over and over again “The students deserve the best, the students deserve the best” whilst listening to Beethoven’s 5th symphony in b-major, performed by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

0730 -0745 I arrive at college and respond to emails that have been sent during the previous evening and prepare my classroom for the day ahead, this will include ensuring IT is working sufficiently, going over and checking my lessons etc. To ensure that the students have the BEST experience possible with me whilst in college.

0830 – Without a doubt THE most important timing of the day, the café is open! Time for tea.

0900 – 0930 Being fully fuelled up I am ready to receive my first students for ‘Tutorial’. During this time I will be delivering key messages for the remainder of the week that is applicable to all students, this may be anything from upcoming events, to reminding students of the values and standards that are expected within college. This also gives me the opportunity to catch up with any students who I need to speak to.

0930 – 1030 On the way to the classroom I run into a couple of students from another class; they bombard me with questions about an upcoming assignment. I try to remember what questions are on that particular assignment.. This is where my brain divides up in to 12 different sub-brains for the remainder of the day. My first lesson could be either Discipline, Leadership Military Skills or Citizenship. I will get in to the classroom 5 minutes early and fire myself up to get in to ‘Lecturer Mode’ I know this sounds like a level from a computer game, but I am very, very passionate about what I teach, I want the students to feed off my fire, I want the students to be able to see what I’m teaching comes from 22 years’ experience, I want the students to become me in the classroom, with drive, ambition and fire!

1030 – 1100 Second most important timing of the day, brew break! I would usually use this time to reflect on what I’ve just taught, what went right, what didn’t go as expected, what I can do to change it for the next time I teach that lesson. I would usually have one or two students waiting for me outside the office to speak to me. I have a very good relationship with all of the students based on trust respect and honesty, and because of this they sometimes want to disclose information to me about what’s happening in their private lives, sometimes I can help, sometimes I cant.. But I can always support.

1100 1200 - 1200 1300 – I’ve put these 2 timings back to back as they are 2 lessons back to back, they may be with different groups and also different subjects so absolutely key to ensuring the smooth transition of lessons is to have the first group out of the door by 1155 and the second group sat down starting their connect task by 1205. At this point I realise that I’ve not printed off the handouts that the students require for this lesson! This necessitates a race to the front desk to plead for help as I have left my photocopier card in the classroom. Finally, I run back into the classroom drenched in sweat and clutching my papers, and with relief I see that I am still the first one there, despite the old photocopier at reception chugging out copies at the rate of two per minute. As I stand by the door and my first students to arrive, I am complimented (warmly) on my tan? They mistake my beetroot red face for a spot of sun burn. In all of my lectures I leave natural spaces for students to engage with me, their neighbours and the remainder of the classroom. This has two benefits, it allows for the students to not be passive receivers of information and for me to finally catch my breath!

1300 1400 – Third most important time of the day, more tea! I will use this time to make phone calls and speak to parents, speak to students, send emails or to update any ongoing records. At any one time I have at least three on-going safeguarding concerns, like I have previously mentioned, the students trust me to help them where I can and for me that is the biggest privilege of all.

1400 1500 – That’s it, lunch break over and its back in to lessons again. Switching form one subject to another is my favourite way to teach, it keeps me active, it keeps the energy flowing and helps with creativity. My 1400 session is usually the students at their most docile, they are full of carbs from lunch, a lot of the energy that they had in the morning has dissipated and in turn it creates another challenge.. Keeping the energy and momentum going, now I’m in my absolute element! I have to use every trick up my sleeve to keep the group focused and I’m pulling out all of the stops. No-one is getting away with not being involved, engaged and giving me answers, I want to hear what they want to say and not what they think I want to hear. I inadvertently say (to the amusement of the students) “I want the truth” and someone hollers from the back of the classroom “You can’t handle the truth”.. Touché!

1500 1515 – More tea!

1515 1615 – For my final session I try to bring down the ‘liveliness’ level a couple of notches. The students will be leaving to travel home at the end of this lesson and I want them to be calm, have quiet minds before they jump on their ped or behind the wheel of their car. As a rule I will use the last 5 minutes of the lesson to remind and revise everything that we have done so far, the students won’t have to think or speak or think during this time, I will do this for them. Calm

1615 1700 – Meetings, interviews and catch up with emails.

1700 – Home, nuff said!

Why did you choose to teach?

We have a duty to the youth of our country, all of us have that duty. They are our future leaders, politicians, they are the future of our country and I am completely committed to ensuring that I can give them the best education possible at college. Other than volunteer groups that I am a part of outside of college, I cannot think of a more worthy career in support of our country’s future.

What is your favourite thing about working at Easton & Otley College?

There are too many to mention in just a few lines but I will mention two of my favourite. Free tea and morale! Tea is the lifeblood of our great nation and morale is the cement that holds it together. Without maintenance of morale people complete tasks with minimal of effort, fail to finish assignments and suffer from a lack of motivation, which ultimately leads to failure. I am very lucky to be in an office environment where morale is in our top 3 of priorities which in turn is passed on to the students. There is always something to laugh about in the UPS office which is the best remedy to help distress any situation. Other lecturers often remark about how they can hear laughter coming from our office.. Job done!

Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

My students make me proud every day. They could choose to be anywhere else doing anything else, but they choose to come in to college. That makes me proud.

What is a typical day like?

Generally, there will be 4 taught hours per day and these will vary depending on the subjects that I am teaching. My key areas this year are Biology, behaviour and health. I will have already prepared for this day last week, which will include updating the Scheme of work and writing a lesson plan. There will be delivery of these planned sessions, which mainly I will focus on learner led learning to ensure that they get the most from their sessions. In between teaching these sessions I will plan for the following weeks sessions and complete the paperwork that is required.

Describe a couple of activities from last week.

One lesson I taught last week was a revision session for Biology. The learners were asked to produce a 3D diagram of a kidney, which they were required to label and explain the structure and function. The students were engaged throughout the task and gave really positive feedback. At the end of the session they were able to answer questions on the structure of the kidney confidently.

Do you find your role rewarding? If so, what is the best reward?

Definitely, the best reward is seeing the students complete their qualification. Seeing them thrive through the academic year and seeing their academic ability progress throughout.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being in the classroom is the best bit about this job, transferring knowledge that I have learnt to students aspiring to work in the animal industry, teaching to my strengths.

What challenges do you face in your role? How do you overcome them?

Sometimes things do not work out as planned and this can be frustrating as you really want students to achieve to their best ability. To overcome this, I ensure that all learners have the maximum support available whilst they are completing the qualification.

What motivates you to work each day?

The students motivate me, I have never been in a job where I am as motivated to come to work. I love all of the lesson preparation and working as part of a supportive team.

HR Contact Details:

Recruitment line: 01603 731200

HR Department, Easton & Otley College, Easton, Norwich, NR9 5DX