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Supporting Years 7-9

Introduction to Land based Opportunities

Aim: To help your students to start considering different career opportunities particularly within the land based sector and the type of courses that complement these career paths.

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This presentation can be adapted for different age groups. We also aim to raise student aspirations and to highlight the importance of attainments in Maths, English and Science. 

Session Time: Can fit an assembly slot or individual class time
Availability: Throughout the year


GCSE Options Events

Aim: To support students with making choices for their GCSE’s.

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We understand the importance of students choosing the right GCSE options, therefore we are happy to attend options events to offer advice and guidance to students and parents about how their choices can affect their future career choices.

Session time: The length of your event (this is entirely flexible and tailored to your needs as a school)
Availability: Throughout the year


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