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Are you a parent or carer worried about the sexual exploitation of a young person? Click on the PDFs below for more information:

To view a copy of our Safeguarding and Prevent Policy please click on the PDF below:

The College takes its role of offering a safe and secure environment very seriously indeed and together with the Criminal Record Bureau we will do everything in our power to prevent unsuitable people from working with young people and vulnerable adults. Ensuring everyone feels safe, welcome and respected.

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If you have a complaint or concern about anything, please speak to the Student Centre/HR immediately. The wellbeing of young people and vulnerable adults always come first and the College is committed to safeguarding our students with all staff expected to share this approach. 

The Safeguarding agenda incorporates Child Protection and concentrates on the all round welfare of the young person/vulnerable adult. Our aim is to detect, at the earliest possible opportunity, any indication that a young person/vulnerable adult is not thriving or failing to meet their potential.

We act on every concern, however small, and conduct regular risk assessments to ensure our site is as safe and secure as is practically possible. 

All concerns should be reported to the following people:

  • Easton Campus Student Services Manager - 01603 731219
  • Otley Campus Student Services Manager - 01473 784144

Or use confidential email - studentvoice@eastonotley.ac.uk

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